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October 12
Ten months after development started, my first Java game, Sir Bouncealot, has finally been released. It's a jump and slash type of game starring a small knight with a big sword. Like the other Java games, it features a highscore list so that you can compete with the other community members.

September 14
The member search system is now changed into a more advanced search engine. Since the member count is getting higher and higher, the old system wasn't really that good. In the new one you can search either the members' info fields of you can search members by their living area, gender and age.

September 6
I've rewritten the message system into something that more resembles your normal mail system. You now have both an inbox and an outbox. Since it's more like a mail system now, I also changed the name of messages to mails and gave it a page of its own.

September 4
The chat is updated again. The biggest difference is that the editing in the editbox is a bit better, with support for arrow keys, home/end and backspace/delete. This should make it more natural and less frustrating to type text.
I also added keep-alive packets between the server and clients and timeout disconnection when the keep-alive packets stop arriving. Not that anybody care.. Hehe..

August 13
I've updated the chat a bit these last couple of days. Now you can set your status to either Online, Away or N/A, exactly like in ICQ. There is also a counter on the web site which tells you how many people are in the chat. The counter is only updated every 30 seconds, so it might now always be completely accurate. Finally, I also removed a bug which gave strange letters when you wrote.

August 8
Ok, after a long time without updates to the site (caused mostly by too many other things to do and me beeing away for about two months), I sat down and started working at it again. The big thing is that now you get status for things you do on the site (finally!). I also fixed some other minor things.

Febuary 16
Updated the chat client a bit. I fixed so that it can be resized, which was a LOT easier than I originally expected. When I after hours of searching for a somewhat difficult solution realized how simple it was I got pretty tired with myself. I always try to do things the hard way. *sigh*
Another feature I added is that the taskbar now shows you if another window has been updated (good if you have a window maximized and can't see the other windows).
Finally, I also changed the double-click on the desktop icons to a single click, since people had problems with double-clicking (I wonder how they ever manage to use Windows! ;)

Febuary 13
Since a lot of people has been asking me for it, I added all the extras for Jump 'n Bump. That means that I added additional levels, the GOBMaker utility and a page with the secrets. Since there's over 100 levels and it's getting late, I won't add all the levels today. The ones I don't add today I'll add during the next couple of days...

Febuary 11
Finished the headlines section. Now you can read and post news items about interesting stuff on the net or in real life.

January 29
Removed Whack-y-Santa from the main page and added it to the online page of the games section. At least now it won't look like the page has been lacking updates since christmas...

January 16
Every member now has a diary to which they add entries where they write about how their day was. I also added a Diaries section where you can see the latest entries that have been written.



December 20
We wish you all a Merry Christmas with an interactive christmas card. I don't want to call it a game, since it's pretty lame. But hey, it only took four days to make it! :)
Now I'm going away for a nice holiday. See you in a couple of weeks!

December 16
I replace the old site with the community. That means that you should now go to http://www.brainchilddesign.com instead. But you already figured that out, obviously! :)
I also started on some invisible things, like preventing multiple posts and such things. And to finish it off I made a basic BCDTag parser, which means that you can post with BCDTags instead of html. More on that later...

December 12
I've pretty much dedicated the last couple of weeks to the chat, since many of you wanted one. After lots of hard work I've now uploaded a test version of it. There's still lots of things to fix, but the basic chat is there. By the way, what do you think of the GUI I made? I'm kinda happy with it! :)

November 19
Anders sent me some sound effects which I have added to Tetris. I also changed the way I randomize new blocks. Hopefully that will remove the long streaks of the same block. If you notice, I also removed the shadows on/off button. I've realized that I'm too lazy to code the shadows. Besides, they would probably look wierd anyway... Right?

November 8
Finally I finished the highscore code in Tetris. That means that you now can compete against eachother in the game. Let's see if any of you can put up a fight with me! :)

November 5
Since the suggestion section got "hacked" during the weekend I had to update the code so that it checks all arguments given. If I have to go through the whole site and do checks on every little argument it's gonna take up an awful amount of my time. Time that I could spend doing more productive things... *sigh*
I also added next/previous page links to the forum, since some people had a hard time understanding that there were several pages. I guess it should be pretty obvious now! :)

October 29
Fixed a bug in the forum and one in the suggestions. Both of these bugs were spotted and pointed out to me by nice members. Thanks guys! And if you find more bugs, please tell me.

October 27
Uploaded a test version of Tetris. Please check it out and send me a message if you find a bug of any kind. You could also tell me if you think something is bad and I should change it, and I'll think about it, ok?

October 23
It was a little bit more work than I anticipated, but now I've implemented the member link page. This means that every member can now put up links to his/her favourite web pages! :)

October 21
I saw a suggestion that I should add delete/edit buttons to the forum. Well, I added the delete button for now. I will add the edit button later on.

October 20
After a bad hangover I managed to get some work done after all. I added the Suggestions section. Now you can suggest what you think I should be doing in the future. Just be realistic, ok!?

October 18
Put a link on the main page to this community, which I suppose makes it an offical opening. Let's hope that you guys start coming here often and make this one of the best communities on the net! :)

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