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My Legacy
Posted by , F199 on April 5, 02:15
Hey everyone.. I was really bored on monday so i wrote a little bio about myself..

Sorry about the grammar and poor spelling.. its only a rough draft right now..

Take Care

A Legacy
Well.. My parents are remodeling my sisters room, so i am stuck.. Babysitting my 10 siblings. All.. Younger.. Than me.. =S

but thats ok because they are in the next room over..

SO what is the point of this post you ask?

I'm very bored. So i think i am going to give you guys a short bio of the one and only.. ME.
I was born in 1990.
I wasnt supposed to happen. My parents used condoms and Birth Control..
SO i am a 1 in 4million chance.. (Kinda cool)

My mother left my dad before i was born.. He was A magician.. John Tong from San Fran.. Him and his Brother Damian were know as "The Svengali brothers" I have never met either of them, And neither of them know me.
One day i would like to find My dad.. One day..

So back to me.

I grew up in Sunland california, Always loved disneyland always loved Taco Bell (Just like any californian kid..)

But when ever we went to Dland. I always spent about 1 hour in the magic shop, My mom would get me those little invisible dogs.. But i remember beeing mesmorized by the cards and the coins, By the velvety Close up matt and by the Sounds of Curiosity.
My mom could never figure out why i was so in love with that shop.

Before i turned 5 my mom met my stepdad, and by the time i turned 6 I had twin brothers..

Shortly after they were born we decided to move to washington, It was just way to dangerous in cali.

So they chose this island, Bainbridge Island To be exact. Our first house was just a little thing, But the rent was killing us.. I remmeber the one christmas were at our first house.. I got what i had been wanting forever.. My first magic kits.. Those big giant lance burton magic sets that you see at costco every now and then. I was thrilled!! I ripped off the plastic and i grab the stash and ran to my room, i was up nearly all night.

The next day i put on a little magic show for my parents, Those amazing linking rings, The sponge rabbits the whole shabang.. They were Amazed.

We have moved twice since then..

its october 31st 1999 I go out on the streets as a magician, But nobody knew. Nobody knew who i was and what i was dressed up as.

Because in all honosty I threw on a top hat and weant out in my normal everyday clothes.
I was born a magician and i grew into this style of Beeing close with a person, Becoming the person i am performing for.. I knew what they Wanted next, and what they were expecting..

I knew that life for me was going to seriously change in the next 3 years, I dont know how.. I just did..

2 years later i had Another brother and another sister.. My magic was astonishing, I was getting better and better, Day by day. Week by week.

My mind continued to grow around every aspect of magic. I would watch something like Penn and teller or anyother magic show, And if i saw a trick i didnt understand i would think about it, Think around it. I would write down possibilities and actually try every single one of them, Until i Was able to do my own version of the paticular trick.

That next year My mom gave birth to yet another child, it was a boy.

That december she took me up to her room, She weant into her closet for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes..

She came out with a big Ol' Box. It said on the side. John.

I didnt know any john, So i was slightly confused. She blew the dust off and opened the aged box. Inside were Books, Not just ordinary books. Books that have been used and aged by time itself.

Books of magic.

Underneath these books was a smaller box, And inside.. Were pictures.

Pictures of my dad, Whom i have never met, Pictures of him with a little red clown nose performing with his brother at a childrens party.
Pictures of his majestic ability to control cards.

Pictures.. Of my hero.

And after i found out about him, after i learned that My ability To Play with minds wasnt just a hobby.
I decided That i will perform till the day i die.

I will Be the continuance of a lost Legacy.

And so between that day and now I have Become almost 1 with what i do, Not as an obsession, but as A feeling. I feel magic, Its in my veins.

So yeah I do hope you all enjoyed.

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